Intimate Apparel

Knox College Department of Theatre and Dance

For the May 2009 production of '‘Intimate Apparel’', I constructed the corset for Esther’s Shadow of Strength – one of four non-speaking roles the director added for the production. The corset is based off of a Simplicity pattern for a soft corset; I then made a muslin mock-up which became the lining. I then created the textile for the corset using men’s ties which were disassembled to make them easier to work with. Embroidery was done at the seams to give more color and line definition. Assisting me with this project was Katerina Chernykhivska, '10.

Director – Kelly Lynn Hogan;
Lighting Designer – Craig Choma;
Scenic Designer – Craig Choma;
Scenic Artist – Samantha Newport;
Costume Designer – Allison Smith;